Okay, one question that we do get asked many times, is ‘What is better, polyester or polycotton ?’

So, polyester is a 100% man made material often called microfibre or ‘that shiny material’. Polyester duvet covers are cheaper to manufacture and yes, the material is not as soft as polycotton, but does offer a durable and easy care product, however adding a good quality fabric conditioner to your wash and you (and more importantly your child) should hardly notice the difference.

Polycotton duvet covers are made from a combination of polyester and cotton. The amount of cotton does vary by design, but is usually 50%. Each polycotton duvet cover on our site clearly shows the amount of polyester and cotton used. Polycotton duvet covers are usually naturally softer than the polyester ones, but again a decent fabric conditioner does help.

So which should you choose ? Polyester bedding is usually cheaper than the polycotton ones, especially for the latest designs. If your child has no problem sleeping under polyester bedding, than the only thing to decide on is which design they would like the most.