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What Is A TOG ?

‘What is a TOG ?’ and ‘What TOG duvet do I need ?’ are two of the most common questions that we get asked. Hopefully the following information will help.

So, ‘What is a TOG ?

A TOG is a measurement of thermal insulation that was developed by the Shirley Institute in Manchester to provide an easy to understand guide to thermal insulation for the textile industry.

TOG ratings usually increase by 1.5 TOG, and relate to the insulation abilities of the item, not the weight.

Duvets can be filled with hollowfibre, duck feather, duck down, goose feather, goose down or any combination to provide differing TOG values and weights and at differing prices.

The best value are usually the hollowfibre filled duvets that have a polyester and cotton outer, such as the Hugg branded ones that we supply.

And the next question is ‘What TOG duvet do I need ?

4.5 TOG duvets are ideal for those warm summer months when you like to have your window open as you are so warm in bed but still like to stay covered up.

10.5 TOG duvets are for when it is that little bit chillier such as spring or autumn.

13.5 TOG and 15 TOG are ideal for winter use.